I cultivate talent and intelligence throughout my team




By teaching and mentoring my teams and bringing them together as a group to participate and generate ideas; by giving my teams autonomy, authority, and responsibility, I help make my teams smarter and better at their jobs.


Leading a team versus being a 'Team Leader'

In my experience, the name Team Leader gets thrown around a fair bit. it's given to people in Blue t-shirts, others in purple with plastic gloves and rows of bread and condiments and to some who stand on street corners willing us to part with our hard earned money.

To me, a Team Leader embodies a person who isn't just the head or the one who whips the others for a bigger slice of the corporate pie, they are the guide, the navigator of turbulent paths, who encourage and set the bar. We challenge the norm and seek new ways of working towards the goal. We listen so we can get the root causes quickly and effectively.
I teach, I coach and I counsel. I motivate and inspire.

..and I do this all by example, by leadership and by holding myself to the highest standard.