What’s this guy about?

 I am a sample size of one, not statistically significant, nor representative.




(Some or all of this may or may not be half truths and general made up silliness)

I was born on a bright June day, on a planet not far from this one (actually, close enough to say this very planet).

In my formative years I worked with many Australian entertainers including Humphrey B Bear, Mr. Squiggle, Ranger Stacey, Dexter (from Perfect Match), Patsy Biscoe, B & P Newton, Agro and that great big face from Mulligrubs - all from the comfort of my lounge room TV.

My lifelong love from the radio industry was urged on a mild August afternoon in 1980, 2MMM broadcast for the very first time in Sydney and my ears bled (in a good way!)

Director, Designer, Coffee maker (always ask for tea!) Voice Actor, Consultant and avid Roller Coaster nut - Allain does all of his bidding for world domination from a quiet leafy suburb in Brisbane’s inner city.


  1. First announcer in Sydney to take microphone into the toilet while on air and forget to turn it off (It's OK, Allain only went in to wash his hands..)
  2. Walked the entire length of Parramatta Road (over the course of 20 years).
  3. Coined the phrase 'Allain is not that kind of guy' after being propositioned during an evening with friends in Kings Cross.


 ...helps you work, rest and play.

Volunteer Work


Brisbane Greeters is a network of passionate volunteers, Brisbane Greeters are ready and waiting to show delegates the sights and sounds of Australia’s new world city.

I have been a Brisbane Greeter for only a short time, but have met many interesting people from all over the world.

Being a greeter gives me a chance to show 'My Brisbane' and develop my communication and storytelling skills


Radio Lollipop is an international charity organisation founded in 1979 to provide care, comfort, play and entertainment for children and young people, primarily in hospitals.

I volunteer 1 night a week at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, giving a few hours to read, play, talk and spend time with patients and their families.

Hobbies and Side Projects


As an Bachelor of Audio student, finding opportunities to expand my love or audio and recording is easy.

I offer my time to trimester 1 and 2 students to help them better understand the theory they go through in class in their studio sessions.

I also cooaborate with other study disciplines and students by providing practical studio time. Giving them a chance to record or produce audio for their websites, smartphone apps, films and videos.

Other hobbies I enjoy include:

Photography. Travelling and Exploring. Scout Group Leader. Small jewellery market store.